Annotating a worksheet, working with text boxes on non-iPad

Eric Folks shared this problem 4 years ago

When you zoom into a worksheet deliverable and try to place a text box in a particular cell, at the point of click, it repositions the text box to a different place on the worksheet (problem #1) you try to move the text box to the correct location and...

(problem #2)... the "+" users normally use to move the text box around allows you to move the box without resizing it when you move it vertically, but if you try to reposition the text box horizontally (by clicking and dragging on the "+" in the top left of the text box) it resizes the text box until you reach the margin of the worksheet. Which means students can't place their text box in the correct cell if they've created it after zooming in.

This problem was noticed when students were on Safari 9.0.1 and didn't occur on an iPad. On Firefox 41.0.2 I wasn't able to zoom in at all to test.

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Which devices are having issue #1? Is the box going in the completely wrong place, or just off by a little bit?

Are they using touch input or mice?

If you're able to record a video of it happening, it might help us identify the problem.


We added a patch for an issue in Firefox with the "Move" icon for the textbox. I'm not sure if that's what you were seeing though.

When you move a text box with long lines of text that already are up against the edge of the drawing area, Homeroom will change the size of the textbox so that it still fits into the drawing area.

To zoom in on the desktop browsers, hold "Shift" and click+drag your mouse up or down. The same thing works for panning with the "Control" key.

What was the layout of the assignment that students were filling out?


A couple patches have been added for this, so I'm marking as complete - add a comment if it is still occuring.