Linking to Google Drive

Krystal Hawk shared this problem 3 years ago

Many students are having trouble when it comes to linking to their Google Drive. We have had students who cannot link through Safari and have to use the app, which only works part of the time. There is also the issue of students Google Drives not staying linked. They have to go to account settings and click "link" again, it will ask them to authorize it, and then its linked again. The students and teachers have to try numerous work arounds when it comes to Homeroom problems, and submitting assignments can take up to 10 minutes of valuable instructional time. Below is an email that I received from a teacher today regarding this problem:


students are turning in an annotated article from Goodnotes to Homeroom today.

We had to walk through the process of linking Google Drive to Homeroom.

There were a number of students that had to use the App over Safari in

order for the new window to pop up after authorizing to sign in and link.

It’s becoming mess to know whether to use the App to accomplish

something or Safari.


still have had in two class periods 4 students that could not link Google Drive

to Homeroom because a window to sign in did not appear after clicking Authorize

either in Safari or the App."

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I will investigate 1) why their account would become disconnected, and 2) why the popup wouldnt show when they try to reauthenticate.

If the kids have upgraded to IOS9, there's a new way to upload from Google Drive, which you can use if Homeroom has trouble connecting. IOS9 lets you upload files from other apps on the ipad to Safari - if you have Google Drive app installed on your iPad and tap on the "Upload a File" button in Safari it will also let them choose from Drive. This works even if Homeroom is not linked.