Screenshots-pictures in HR quizzes not showing

Eric Folks shared this problem 3 years ago

There are certain items like tables and images that need to be part of a question body or entered as an answer choice...the only way to insert these is to drag and drop them in (albeit very carefully, by placing the cursor in the area you're going to drop into or it can overwrite the entire page with the image)...the problem is they show just fine when we drop them in, but then they never display for the students, or for the teacher after they've left the question and tried to return to it. The place the images have been dropped into just pulsates with the black dot that seems to indicate it's loading (but never does).

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You can add images and files to a question using the icons beneath the question:


Dragging and dropping images into the text edit areas unfortunately isn't supported. That means that currently you have to add attachments to the main question body for each option choice, rather than putting the image into the option itself.


I'm going to close this as a problem and reopen it as an idea (to add images to the quiz options). That way we can keep track of it as a feature request.